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“My son took lessons with Bill at age 11 and continued for 18 months. He stopped because of an illness so my husband took over the lessons. We were impressed with what our son had learned in the 18 months. Bill was very patient and often took cues from our son when he wanted to learn certain songs.

The lessons with my husband have been haphazard but the foundation had been set with Bill Schrey. Our now 14-year old is truly a budding guitarist who learns songs on his own, sometimes by watching YouTube and sometimes by asking his Dad. He has also started plucking some tunes on the ukulele. Thanks Bill. You’ve done a great job!”

- Redwood City

“I have been taking lessons with Bill for 4 years and have found him to be an excellent instructor. Bill takes the time to not only teach the basic chords, but he also corrects any bad habits that you have so that your playing can reach its full potential. Bill has helped me pick out guitars, answered any question I have asked regarding equipment/songs, and has been willing to teach any song I have asked about.

I was initially worried about lessons, especially if I hadn’t made too much progress on a given song since my previous lesson. Bill put me at ease, he isn’t there to judge or grade your improvement, rather he will point out what you are doing well, correct any bad habits he sees, and then nudge you further along into the song. If the song isn’t working for you, then no problem, he will move on to another song.

Bill is very patient, understanding, and supportive. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with him and I look forward to learning many more songs with him.”

- Gary, San Carlos