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How It Works

I teach ALL levels of proficiency from absolute beginning to pro in the styles of Rock, Jazz, Blues,Country, Funk, Folk, Pop, Bossa Nova, & finger picking—including beginning to intermediate Classical and Ukulele. Please look at the" SONG PORTFOLIO "page to get an idea of types of songs and artists that I have covered in my 43 years of teaching!

All students will be introduced to basic skills in rhythm playing, simple chord chart and guitar tab reading and hopefully soloing. We will be learning lots of great songs as we do this, starting easy and becoming more challenging as you progress. More advanced students get into music theory, playing rhythm, and soloing on more complex chord changes, understanding chord construction, using arpeggios, advanced scales, etc.

Learning to sight read can be an option but is something I don’t push on students unless it is requested. Some students need help with playing in their school jazz band, or need guidance with writing songs, or playing songs with their bands, or simply just learning a fantastic hobby for their own pleasure. We can get to any or all of these and more.

Lessons are private ½ hour sessions—same day, same time each week. $35 per lesson. Once lessons begin students pay for four weeks at a time in advance ($140) which reserves that same day and time each week for you.

Call me directly..... cell..650-339-0587 or at the Gelb Music Teaching Institute... 650-365-0875

Thanks... Bill Schrey